Immersed among the colours of the Venetian countryside, this rural building dates back to 1500-1600.
The Favero family enhanced and refurbished the building through a conservative restoration that has not erased the identity of the farmhouse. In 1995 the farmhouse became the best example of a holiday farm in Veneto inaugurated by the European Agricultural Ministers.
Over the decades, the production of wine products has increased and continuing with the catering business in the 2000s, it became an inn with restaurant. Here you can taste traditional Venetian dishes in an atmosphere that is both refined and welcoming in its simplicity, surrounded by the beauty of the area.
Accompanying the main rural building surrounded by vineyards and fruit trees is "La Casa Pellegrina", the magnificent annex of the inn where you can spend pleasant days totally immersed in nature and silence. The annex is equipped with rooms where you can stay.

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